Naali's way: Puck

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Naali's way: Puck

Post by Naali on Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:32 pm

Puck is one of my favourite heroes in DotA. Increbly mobile, juking and just... so annoying that I love it!
Puck's biggest pros are being able to dodge and survive even the worst witchhunts unless they have silences or instant disables. But even with said disables Puck can survive it with smart game play.
Most people know the most common ways to play Puck. Get bottle to Treads to Blink to Euls etcetcetc.... How do I differ from this? A lot!

Just like every hero and build, things change depending on enemy heroes, items etcetctec... First of all what I check in the game is if the enemies have squishy pickable heroes and/or instant disables and hard. Good heroes to pick are Disruptor/Pugna/CM/etc hard heroes to pick, all tanky heroes like Axe and Bristle/Skywrath Mage/etc
Even against those "hard counters" you can still play more normally and more team-based where you are the AoE nuke and disables.

My skill build differs from the standard build since I max up Vaning Rift before Illusory Orb. Why? Because Illusory orb only gets more damage from levels while Rift gets damage and the duration of the silence increases. With the Rift I can then harass the enemy mid and still have the Orb for possible escape. Meaning, at level 3 I have a 1-1-1 build. After maxing up Rift I get more on Orb and for the last maxed up skill I get Phase Shift.

As for items. For me they differ a lot! I usually start with a Null Talisman and tangoes. If I get 2 tangoes from a teammate I replace the tangoes with 2 Faerie Fires to boost my last hitting. I rush the bottle and after the bottle I get Treads. Sometimes I get Phase boots to boost my last hitting if I have an enemy like Invoker against me. After the boots I rush up my Blink which is the most important item for Puck. It has perfect synergy with all your spells. After Blink, it depends on the game if I get a Dagon at all and if I do, should I level it up. It is very situational.
After/Before the Dagon I usually get an Eul's Scepter so I can Eul/Blink combo. Quinsoo's is also awesome and fun to get. If the enemies have tons of bkb's I suually get an Aghanims as well since the 4.5sec nearly-unavoidable stun is awesome.

Biggest things I notice about other Puck players is that they don't move enough. Use the mobility from your skills if possible, not only to position yourself better but often you can Jaunt to another location that is equally safe and good as the previous position but the change of position can confuse the enemies and 'cause even a small reaction.

I'm really bad at phrasing my stuff but I'd be happy to answer any question about the hero since I think I really know Puck well.

Tl;Dr: Puck is a really versatile and mobile hero who can survive in even the hardest fights. I suck at writing, please ask for specific things if interested.


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